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Yarn Along | Celtic Cast On

It’s time for another yarn along with Ginny

I’m afraid I haven’t got much reading done lately. I started listening to book 3 of the Hunger Games called Mockingjay but didn’t get very far.

As for knitting I think I’ve done more winding than knitting.

I ran out of yarn for my Vintage inspired socks I was working on…. a knitter from my local knitting group  is hooking me up with more though.

Outlaw is on time out while some numbers are fixed in the pattern…

Which left me with idle hands…. not a good thing!

There are of course a few other WIP’s but my mind is really on sweaters!!

 I have wound yarn for 3 different sweaters I want to make and I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to take to Ireland to knit as well.

Decision’s Decision’s!!!

I’m still working on  Classic Raglan the 2nd, enjoying those simple stitches and had some help too.

T worked on a few stitches reciting the poem I taught her

In through the bunny hole

Round the big tree

Out through the bunny hole

And off goes he!