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Tudora | Celtic Cast On


Wow!!! Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments on my hair. Its reassuring to know you all thought my decision was a good one. A few of you are worried i’m going to freeze this winter with no hair and while it did cross my mind that I wouldn’t have my hair to use as a scarf anymore I had a plan.


*Picture taken before the chop!* 

Neckwarmers of course!!

Pattern:Tudora by Cheryl Marling

Start Date: September 25th 2008

Finish Date: September 26th 2008

Yarn: Cascade 220 colour 2452

Needles: US 6 / 4mm straights

I’ve had this neckwarmer in my queue for quite a while now waiting for the right yarn. I just happened to have some yarn left over from another project *haven’t blogged about it yet* and thought I just might be able to squeeze a Tudora out of it. I cast on and wouldnt you know it I ran out with about 10 rows left. Heidi, luckily had made a gorgeous Drops Asymmetrical Jacket out of the same colourway so I messaged her to see if she might have any left overs hanging around that I could steal.


She had a couple of little balls, enough to finish Tudora with a little bit to spare. Thanks Heidi

I knit pretty much the whole thing while watching a couple of episodes of 24. I cast off on the way into town the next day with mum. I showed her the pattern…. and she wanted one too!!! She’s got great taste what can I say! Pics of Tudora #2 coming soon!


This pattern is perfect for my new hair, its is VERY tall, the front comes up over my chin so no doubt it will get alot of use this winter. No worries folks I WILL be warm!!! There will be more neckwarmers too!!