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Temptation | Celtic Cast On

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Even though I have 2 sweaters, one tunic and a sock to finish I feel myself being pulled towards the stash in search of something bright and fun to knit.

I’ve been wanting to knit the Baby Surprise Jacket forever but hadn’t realized that the pattern was not only in the book  The Opinionated Knitter  by Elizabeth Zimmerman but that it was also for sale as a single pattern at Webs

I’ve had the pattern for a couple of months now and its been calling to me, begging to be knit. Of course it just so happens that I have yarn in my stash for it too.

 This is Lorna’s Laces shepherd sport multi in Bittersweet, a bright combination of pinks, purples and oranges. If this colourway looks half as nice as Rebecca’s did, I’ll be very happy.

Wish me luck!