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THREE! | Celtic Cast On

Someone had a birthday yesterday!! My goofy girl is offically 3! We had fun celebrating over the weekend with family. We thought the party was over until T received a special package in the mail today. I recently won a giveaway on Victoria’s blog which was perfect timing for T’s birthday.Victoria kindly wrapped it up in pretty paper and addressed it to the birthday girl herself. She even drew some… Read More »THREE! | Celtic Cast On

Aidez – Front | Celtic Cast On

I made some good progress this week finishing the back and starting on the left front. With a little under 3 weeks left to go I figured I had better try to pick up the pace a bit. Did you make any progress this week? DANA   ALICE  LYNNE SARAH   HEIDI  MICHELLE   HANNAH   RONNIIE JESS   EVELYN   ANNABELLE2   ELIZABETH CHRISTINED   LETE   ALAINA   SARA  KELLY REBECCA   JESSICA  SHANNON   GEORGIE LACEY   TINA  JEANNIE  EMILY KATHERINE  KATE  MEGAN  IGNASIOWA ROSE  KATHY STACIE  MINDY  MARY We two finished cardigans this week!!… Read More »Aidez – Front | Celtic Cast On