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Snowed In | Celtic Cast On

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We have been battling snow storms lately….

We were blathered with a huge dumping of snow last weekend which left T and I snowed in.

It was a tonne of heavy snow so we took advantage of our situation and…. went out to play.

A couple of days later we woke up to another snowed in situation!

After shovelling off the deck and clearing paths we again decided more playtime was in order. Our sliding didn’t go quite as planned before of the shear amount of snow. We made it down the hill once and then had to wade through hip deep snow to get back up to the top.

This weeks game has been all about using the ice rink of a driveway to our advantage.

We made a hill on the opposite side of the driveway to slide down. Once we hit the bottom we just keep on going until we have to pull out the emergency brakes or smack into the house.

We have tried many different paths, sliding aids and conditions but the slide like you have a turtle shell seems to be the best so far.

That was a heck of a lot of snow thrown at us in the span of 3-4 days but by george we are making the most of it!