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Perfection:Knitting | Celtic Cast On


*Hoping comments are fixed now* 

Sometimes a knit comes along that turns out exactly the way you hoped it would, perfection in your minds eye.

This is one of those knits!


Pattern: Alpine Shrug from Rowan 42

Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky Mustard

Needles: U.S. 11

Started: Sept 7th 2008

Finished: Sept 11th 2008

 This yarn had been in my mind now for several days wanting to be knit. It is an acrylic so I kept trying to push it back out of my mind and think about something else but that yummy mustard kept wandering back in telling me it was time.

I was very hesitant to knit a Rowan pattern with an acrylic, Patons Shetland Chunky to be exact. I knew it could only turn out one of two ways, fantastic or a complete dud. I was aiming for the fantastic side but one never knows how a knit decides it wants to be until it is indeed knit.

This pattern is supposed to be knit with a super bulky yarn and ends up very drapey and cosy. I knew that if I knit it as it was supposed to be, with my small frame I’d end up looking like I was drowning in it. I knew the Patons yarn was chunky but would it work. I hoped it wouldn’t be too chunky and at the same time chunky enough so that the finished knit would still fit me.


Let me not forget to mention I bought this yarn on clearance for 50 cents a ball. How could I leave it there when it was only 50 cents and in that yummy mustard colour.

The process of knitting it took only 2 days. You knit it in 4 pieces and then seam the 4 together to make a rectangle. The rectangle in then folded in half and sewn up either side to make the armholes. I knit two quadrants the first day and two the second, it was wee buns.

Of course then is when the procrastination begins because seaming is the worst possible part of the process for me. Although it has to be done, it takes time and patience and at this stage of the game I just want a finished knit.


I found a post on Ravelry where people who had previously knit it taked about crocheting the quadrants together, now that sounds more like it.

I still wasn’t sure how it was going to fit, even after crocheting it together. It all comes together once you seam the sides. I seamed one side, ran to the mirror to try it on and see if this was really going to work, there was a squeal of delight and off I went to finish it off. A cute brown button in the center and VOILA!!

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this knit its exactly the way I wanted it to look and for a meer $1.25 how could I go wrong!!