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Owl Mitts | Celtic Cast On

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For the past few days I’ve been thinking about my winter accessories. I’m usually a matchy matchy person and like everything to co-ordinate so when I was getting ready to take the dogs for a walk the other day I realized my accessories needed some work.

Donning my sikkim, yellow and brown newfie mitts *that I adore*, casually cowl and large cowichan style cardi I most likely resembled multi coloured yarn barf walking down the road. I had a little think while I walked and decided to get my accessory baskets into some kind of order and see what I would need to knit to  be some what co-ordinated.

I found my Thermis that I knit last year. As it stands right now its a lone ranger, I have nothing else grey or complimentary to grey, mittens or hat wise. I do however remember when I bought the yarn for Thermis I bought enough grey and a complimentary colour to make co-ordinates. Sounded like a good place to start!

Enter the Give A Hoot mittens. I’ve had these in my queue since the pattern came out last year and thought they would compliment my thermis  nicely. I used the same Patons Classic Merino Wool in grey mix I used for thermis.

I knit up the first one in just over an hour’s worth of House! The second mitt is almost complete , I just need to find some eyes for my little owls.

I do have plans for a hat to complete this set, it includes delving into a side of knitting I’ve always been too intimidated to enter… Wish me luck!

Baby belly is 38 weeks 4 days in the pic