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No longer a mystery | Celtic Cast On



Finally the rain has stopped long enough for me to get some decent pictures! These are my finished Mystery Socks, I finished these with minutes to spare before the end of the month of October. I said I’d finish them by the end of the month and gosh darn it I did.


Pattern:Through the Loops Mystery Socks by Kirsten Kapur

Yarn: Koigu Premium Merino KPM Robin’s egg blue

Needles: U.S. 2

Start Date: October 12th 2008 

Finish Date: October 31st 2008

These were such a yummy knit! The cable/lace pattern tried to kick my butt the first few attempts but with a little perseverence and some quiet time with my sock I was able to win them over.

I think this is the quickest I have ever knit a pair of socks. If it wasn’t for my whole MUST get them done by the end of the month I probably wouldn’t have completed them cause I was having severe SSS.


It is hard to get pictures of finished socks without my trusty photographer, other people just wanted to be the star of the show.

These mystery socks were so much fun that when I spied a Mystery Beret KAL on Ravelry I joined instantly. Again I was a little late to the party but clue two had just been posted the day before so I figured i’d have enough time to catch up. It only took one evening to get caught up and as it turns out clue 3 was the final clue so it was definately a quick knit.


These shots were taken after finishing clue 2. The Meret as Woolly Wormhead calls it is now complete and blocking nicely on a dinner plate.


Wait till you see the completed beret!