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New Years Socks | Celtic Cast On



Pattern:On the run by Anni Design

Yarn: Skacel Trampoline Stretch

Needles: U.S. 2 dpns

Start Date: January 2008

Finish Date: December 21st 2008

Did it really take a whole year for me to make a pair socks??

Maybe it was the fact that I wasn’t very fond of the yarn. I’m not a fan of elasticated yarns!

Maybe it was because I misplaced the second ball of yarn and didn’t find it until a few months after the first sock was complete.


Maybe it was because the yarn and pattern just didn’t do it for me. The yarn completely hides any sign of a pattern at all!


Whatever the case may be they are finally finished and even though they aren’t my favourite socks they are socks non the less and will keep my feet nice and warm during these next few months.

Everytime I look at these socks I think of a Kindergarten or Elementary school classroom. I think those primary colours would have been better suited for a child’s pair of socks but they are what they are. I do have some yarn left over that would make a cute pair of baby socks or toes and heels of a pair of children’s socks.


I’ve always had trouble with second so mojo seems to run dry by the time I bind off the toe with no desire to cast on and do it all over it again. This pair was no exception but I knew it had to be done so a plugged through, not giving myself time to think or dream of future knits and focus on the sock ahead of me. It worked! The second sock was knit in record time, in just two days it was on and off the needles.

If only every pair of socks were like that!