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Interesting Christmas | Celtic Cast On

Well Christmas has gone once again and it has been an interesting one here.

Last weekend we had a huge ice storm, we had freezing rain for 3-4 days continuously. Everything was covered in a coating of ice, the trees looked beautiful sparkling in the sun albeit a bit heavy and drooped. After the storm was over the trees started to droop more and before long 50,000 people in my province were without electricity. Power crews have been working tirelessly trying to restore power with crews coming in from other provinces.

We lost power on the 23rd, luckily we have a woodstove *not that we had ANY wood……* the stove is our alternative heat source so we don’t use it unless the power goes at least stay warm but so many don’t have an alternative heat source. We started cutting up boards that we had in the garage to burn. Moose worked Christmas Eve Day  so T and I met him at the station thinking we would at least get a warm meal at a restaurant before heading back home. The restaurant we went to closed at 7 christmas eve, we were next in line and were turned away. * I still can’t wrap my brain around every restaurant being closed when people have been without power for days. If I owned a restaurant the whole family would be there and we would feed people until there was no one left to feed.* Anyway, we ended up calling a chinese restaurant and they said they were closing but would take our order.

So we spent Christmas Eve eating Chinese food in our car

On Christmas Day we celebrated with a dinner of hot dogs and left over chinese food all the while just being thankful to be warm. Late on Christmas night the power came in and off 3 or 4 times. The last time it came on to stay, thankfully.

We cooked a turkey yesterday and my parents came over to get more water and get a good meal into them with the in laws before heading back to the house.

Last night we took a generator to folks that haven’t had power for 5 days and we are hoping to get hold of another one today to take to another family. If only I owned a hotel!!

So needless to say it has been an interesting christmas but one in which we are very thankful. Another snow storm is headed our way for Sunday and Monday which could put us all back to square one but fingers crossed we just get everyone back up and running….