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Ignus Junior | Celtic Cast On

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I’m very excited to show you this adorable test knit I did for Carol Feller

Its a bonus pattern you get free when you pre order Carol‘s newest booklet Scrumptious Knits

The hip length tunic is knit top down with a gorgeous cable pattern running down the sides. Accenting cables pop up here and there and there is also the option to add pockets to hide all those special treasures in.

I love that this works well as a sweater dress, no need to worry about coordinating pants just throw on a cute pair of tights and boots and she’s all set.

The oversized cowl makes it perfect for Fall and Winter here in Canada but it will also get some use in early Spring when the snow can’t make up its mind if it`s staying or going.

I knit this version with Berroco Vintage which is a wool, nylon, acrylic blend. I loved working with this yarn and am still surprised that it has acrylic content. You would never know! It is also machine washable making it  the perfect choice for children`s wear.

I loved knitting this and T loves wearing it. It is not restrictive in any way so T can concentrate on playtime instead of needing her clothing adjusted constantly.

If you like this one you should see the adult version of Ignus and the whole collection

She’s offering the pre ordered booklet at the reduced price of $18. It will go up to $20 after the pre order date.

Take a moment and have a peek at Carol`s pattern page for Ignus Junior... you may notice someone familiar.

Get it now!