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Day 30 – Crafting Companion | Celtic Cast On

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Day 30 – Crafting Companion

A month of Craft Photo’s

Day 29  was your last FO and I know you all saw my last one so I opted out of day 29 and used the extra day.

This is one of my crafting companion’s.

Crafting, for me, happens at naptime or bed time. These are also the times that my crafting companion’s choose to sleep so I usually have two large lumps laying on the floor while I work.

It is a nice peaceful time!

So that’s the end of A Month of Craft Photo’s. It was fun and challenging at times. I’m glad I stuck it out but I’m also glad to be done, blogging every day is tiring!

That being said a picture and a few sentences is a nice way to blog the little things that don’t take up a full post. You can expect more like that in the future!

Can you believe we are now in the last month of winter…. roll on sunshine!!