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Celtic Cast On » Harry and the secret knits

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I’m sure you all know my absence is mostly due to the new HP book, as most of the knit blog community is as well.


I was quite surprised when I picked up my copy the morning of its release to see that the covers in Canada are quite different than that of the States. I must say I much prefer the States version but I guess its the inside that really counts and let me tell you its friggin awesome. So far this is my favourite book yet. I should be done in the next day or two. Along with Harry there have been secret knits on the go that i’m not able to blog about. The recipients mostly aren’t reading this but just is case I want it to be a surprise. I’ll have pics when the knits are finished and have been gifted.

I’ve been slack on the Sockmania club this month, I haven’t had time to cast on at all because my secret knits could not be held off any long. Hopefully I’ll be jumping back in with some socks on the needles for next months.

If you’ll remember in my last post about a certain HARLOT coming to Halifax I was pretty pumped. The air was let out of my tires so to speak when no one seemed to be able to go. This is basically going to be my only opportunity to get to see her cause I’m pretty sure she won’t be back this way for a long time. So in desperation I called Moose from work one day last week and asked the him the craziest thing.

Me: Hey Moose, so ya know how I was saying that the Harlot is coming and I REALLY wanna go see her??

Moose : yeah..

Me: Well no one else can go and I was wondering…. well… would you go with me??

Moose: Yup

Me: *in a state of shock* Are you sure???? You do realize you’re going to have to sit in a room full of women all knitting, listening to the Harlot talk about knitting, and then stand in line to get her to sign my book and get a picture.

Moose: Yeah… I’m sure


So there you have it ladies and gentlemen the best husband IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!! I LOVE MY MOOSE!!!

One other thing before I go, there’s been a little competition going on in the Celtic household, and I loves me a competition!!! Due to the work that I do my nails tend to break alot and therefore i can never seem to grow them out much. Well as of late my little fingernail has sprouted and just won’t stop. Its hard as a rock and I’ve been making sure I’m careful not to break it, even if all my other nails are breaking. Now this nail, well its getting on Moose’s nerves, he calls it my *Coke* nail hahhaah but its my pride and joy. Well AFTER Moose agreed to go to see the Harlot he then brings up this rule that he’s only going to Halifax if I cut that *coke nail* off. Well I don’t believe that was part of the plan, so now he’s decided, after day in, day out of asking me to cut it, and wrestling me with the nail clippers trying to cut it himself *which I must say he failed miserably at* he’s decided he’s growing a mustache. Now I don’t like facial hair, so his initial thought was that I would freak and immediatley cut my nail but ahhhh he underestimates the power of a good ole competition driven donkey. Nothing I like better than a good competition.He said he was gonna end up looking like Burt Reynolds when it was grown. So its been, ummm a week or so and after shaving around his mustache last night this is how he looked.


ahahahhaah WHAT IS THAT?????? All I could do last night was laugh, and laugh and laugh some more. It’s hideous yes but even more funny that he’s still got it on his face. All the guys at his work know about the competition because they were curious of the sudden outburst of facial hair, he said they are rooting for him.

This morning I got a call from him saying, “Yeah I shaved my mustache this morning, I couldn’t take it anymore”

A HA!!!! SWEET VICTORY IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Donkey 1 Moose -10

During all this competition Sockies has been enjoying the sun and exploring under the deck.


*Boy, mum i’m glad dad finally got rid of that catepillar on his face*