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Where has the time gone???  Its been two months since I posted last YIKES!!!

All I can say is…. It’s Tadpole’s fault!!!!

I’m well into my second trimester now, have gained most of my energy back and am still eating like a horse.

This picture is a couple of weeks old now as I  haven’t got around to taking  anything recent. It was taken at 19 weeks and I’m currently 22 weeks. I’ve seen massive growth in my belly over  the last 3 weeks which apparently is another doubling  in size stage for tadpole, I’m beginning to wonder just how big I’ll grow!!

The knitting mojo has returned! After several casting on attempts, running out of yarn…. *did you know Paton’s Classic Merino is discontinued???* I finally cast on for something extremely cute with an ample supply of yarn.

This is the “If Tadpole Is A Girl Cardi”

It’s from the Sirdar pattern book Baby Bamboo Too. I’m using Rowan hand knit cotton that I’ve had in my stash since last year. The back is complete and I’ve started on one of the fronts, I think this will be a sweet cardi over a summer dress next year.

I cast on for this yesterday because I was a little scared that we are unprepared for a girl. I’ve had a notion early on that I was having a boy and began collecting boy things with a few girl items on the side. Then it hit me that Tadpole just might be a girl and I might want to knit a few girly things that would be nice cover ups  dresses etc. There just aren’t that many boy things that I want to knit so I may as well knit what I want and be prepared for a girl as well.

Soooo how are you all??? It’s been a while!!