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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Snowshoeing

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A few weeks ago we took T snowshoeing on our property. Last year when she was just a wee thing we’d pop her in the carrier and she would be out like a light in a few minutes. There was plenty of time to snowshoe as long as we kept  moving.

Now that she’s bigger and knows what she wants we were kind of hesitant to take her down over the hill. What if we got to the bottom and she decided she didn’t want to be in the carrier anymore? We didn’t want to have her upset the whole way back up the hill.

We decided to test the waters a bit before making the full trek and decided to go halfway down the hill. If she decided she didn’t like it we wouldn’t  be too far away and could get her back to the house.

We needed have worried! As you can tell by her face, she loved it. I did have a sore right shoulder when we were done though from her hanging over my right shoulder watching Dada, Boss and Moo.


Boss loves patrolling the property, hunting and sniffing out possible intruders.

Finally back at home, rosy cheeked and ready to romp.

A successful trip and only the beginning of T’s outdoor adventures. I can’t wait to buy her itty bitty snowshoes!