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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Hooking and an FO

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Well alot of you were questioning what I was doing with the wool fabric I dyed, AND since my comments are only coming to my email one here and there I’ll fill you all in here. If you remember just before christmas I talked about starting Rug Hooking. I found Deb on Ravelry, begged her to teach me, started going to the thursday night meeting and volia i’m Hooked. *pardon the pun* Just before christmas there was a Hook In, like a big ole get together with hookers from all over the province. The local supplier of hooking goodies was there and I searched for my very first project. When my eyes fell upon some cute sheep, I KNEW this was the one. Not too big, not to small and cute enough to keep my attention, here is my first hooking piece.


I’m thinking its going to be a small mat possible for a babies room, but I may change my mind by the time i’m done. So that beautiful green fabric I dyed is now cut into tiny stripes ready to be hooked. The green will be the meadow/background of the rug. Now is it making sense??? Last night at hooking I met some new to me folks. I’m quite excited because I learned that two of the ladies have spinning wheel. SCORE!!! So I told about the wheel I bought a few years back in the buyer flyer and how I didn’t know if there were pieces missing, if it would works etc. So next week, i’m bringing my wheel and they are going to have a look eeeeeee!! One lady also is into weaving. I’m blown away by the amount of fibery people who were practically in my own back yard and I had no idea. OHHHHH the excitement!! Deb is also going to be starting a knitting night, ohhhhhh people to knit with!!! YIPPEE!!! I’m soooo glad I found Deb.

Now back to the knitting:

I believe I have another FO for you…..

Seed stitch Baby Slippers



Pattern: Moss Stitch Mary Jane Slippers from Adorable Knits for Tots

Yarn: left over Cascade 220 from the Moss stitch hoodie

Needles: US 2

Start Date: 11th October 2007

End Date: 11th January 2007

I started these when I was frustrated with the arms of the hoodie and finished them  on October 20th. I couldn’t get them sewn up to my liking so into the basket they went with the hoodie. I still don’t like how they sew up and probably won’t be knitting them again anytime soon. Wednesday I finally got the buttons to complete them.

Its supposed to rain all day today but would you guess that its SNOWING AGAIN!!!! ACK if only I didn’t have to work tonight.