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We had another freezing rain/ice storm last night. My whole driveway is a sheet of ice, makes it hard for driving out of, especially since we have to drive up to get out. The dogs and I are headed off to mum and dad’s today, will be interesting driving I tell ya. Before I go though I wanted to show you all what I’m working on, we haven’t had many WIP pictures here lately.


First up is the Duffle Coat pattern from Double Knits by Zoe Mellor. I own two of her books already, and this one I found at the library this week. I was itching to cast on for this ALL week but there was another project I knew I needed to get done first. Then thursday night came, I closed at work on wednesday, was in for open the next day with 5 hrs sleep and needless to say was a wee bit grumpy that night. I didn’t end up going to hooking because I was just sooooo tired but I did lazy on the couch and end up casting on for this cutie with the cascade 220 I got while in Kansas last year. I’m knitting the 1-2 years size, its gonna be soooo darn cute!!!!


This is the knit I need to get finished. Its the second mitten of the Chevalier mittens I started a while ago and ran out of yarn??? Remember??? Well the lovely Pat messaged me and said she has the yarn, not the same dyelot but I was welcome to it if I wanted it. HECK YES!!!! So quick as anything she popped it in the mail and it arrived the next week. When it arrived I put the skein next to the already finished mitten and you could see the skein was had alot more yellow in it compared to the mitten. I realized I would just have to suck it up and show one hand at a time  BUT I cast on and after a few rows into the cable pattern and put it side by side with the finished mitten again….. couldn’t tell the difference, NOT EVEN A BIT!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! Now I’m super excited to get this one done so I can’t sport my lovely non matching but no one will ever know mittens. THANK YOU PAT!!! YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!! Oh and here’s a picture of the two together. Any idea they were different???


I’ll be revelling in cables all weekend  Have a good one!