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Tuscarora | Celtic Cast On

It was so amazingly awesome to have so many of you leave comments on my last post telling me you are all still reading! I guess the show must really go on for now I’m currently prepping for a biiig yard sale this weekend and I might have completely gutted T’s room on Monday… so it is safe to say my house is in shambles right now. I’ll fill you… Read More »Tuscarora | Celtic Cast On

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FO – Low Tide | Celtic Cast On

Hello out there! Is there anyone left? It’s been quite some time since I have used the blog but for some reason I feel compelled today to share. There has been knitting albeit not the amount that I am used to but that’s ok, things change and we all just have to adjust with it. We went on a short little trip lately and I took something completely monotonous to… Read More »FO – Low Tide | Celtic Cast On