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Cable Comfort Throw | Celtic Cast On


Pattern: Cable Comfort Throw by Lion Brand
Yarn: Lion Brand Thick n Quick in Pumpkin
Needles: U.S. 13
Start Date: September 2007
Finish Date: December 18th 2008

This is was my longest standing FO and its D O N E!!!!
I hadn’t used Thick n Quick before this project and was pleasantly surprised at how soft and warm it is. During the seaming of the last panel I had to actually take my sweater off I was so warm with it laying on top of me. That being said it will be nice and heavy on a chilly -20 day like today.


If I were to knit this again…… which I definitely WILL NOT! I would knit it all in one piece to avoid all the seaming. Once I decided on which seam looked best it wasn’t that hard to do but I still would have preferred to not have had to seam it at all.

For some reason tonight WordPress is all in html… I can’t seem to figure anything out so you’ll have to excuse this post if it looks like i’m yelling at you.

I have an almost finished Penny to show you and will be starting sock number 2 of the new years socks tonight. I’m making pretty good time so far and think I can have all 3 done before the 31st.