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Busy Busy Busy | Celtic Cast On

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Things are super busy right now.

  • T is back into the swing of her Fall activities
  • We have been running here there and everywhere.
  • I’ve been wrapping up test knits
  • Packing for Knit East this weekend
  • Blocking a shawl for a swap at Knit East
  • Preparing to leave my baby overnight for the first time
  • Thinking about a mindless project to take with me
  • Not to mention laundry, and general house cleaning too.

But in the midst of it all I dropped everything when T requested a picnic lunch.

This is the second day in a row we have enjoyed a picnic lunch outside. We have been having beautiful weather these past few days and I wasn’t about to say no to some time in the sun with my girl.

We of course had a few other attendee’s at the picnic…

One has to be watched very carefully, he has a sniffer like no other and just can’t resist when it comes to food.

The other is more laid back but she certainly wasn’t about to miss out if Boss took the plunge.

We enjoyed some great outdoor time, playing in the sand box and getting some raking done.

Now that naptime has arrived I better get back to getting things done around here.