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Business Casual KAL – Casting On | Celtic Cast On

I’m so excited so many of you are joining me in knitting Business Casual. I expected 10 -20 and got 115 participants to date! I am gobsmacked to say the least and cannot WAIT to do an FO Parade. Just think of all those finished socks!

Of course with that many people joining me I couldn’t just leave it at one prize…… I’ll be adding more to the list as we go along so keep a look out for Prize Alerts!

Tanis has given us the go ahead to use the picture above for our project pages and blog posts about the KAL so feel free to spread the love. Don’t forget to sign up HERE to be eligible for prizes and tag your project pages with CCObusinesscasualkal so I we can all see each others progress. I will be using some of your pics for update posts, with permission of course. If you need help tagging let me know and I’ll walk you through it.

I loved hearing what yarns you have chosen to use so I think its about time I share mine with you.

I have this lovely skein of Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in the Brick colourway that I’ll be using to cast on with for my business casuals.

Its a semi sold so those different peaks of colour will add some interest to the diamond pattern as I knit.

That isn’t however the only pair of business casual’s I’ll be knitting. I won this skein of Wandering Cat’s Barn Cat in the ParrotFish colourway last year on Monika’s blog.

 I always thought it would make a nice pair of variegated business casuals and since I couldn’t decide whether to do a variegated pair or semi solid I’m just going to knit them both!!

All caked up and ready to go!

Now before you all go running off to cast on I wanted to show you the cast on method used in the pattern. Tanis refers to it as an elastic cast on. It is my first time casting on this way  but one that I will absolutely be using from now it. It leaves a wonderfully stretchy edge and takes most of the fiddle work out of casting on and joining that first row.

I know some of you are fairly new to sock knitting and even those who aren’t new like me, may find it interesting!

Elastic Cast On


If you would like to link blog posts about your projects for others to catch up on feel free to do so below with the link.