Agatha Tour and Giveaway! | Celtic Cast On

I was excited to be asked by my long time blog friend Claire, now podcaster of the NH Knits podcast, if I would like to give away a copy of her first ever knitting pattern Of course!!  How could I not support her with the release of her first pattern!! Agatha Socks Agatha, named after one of her chickens who quite often gets herself into trouble escaping the coop, is written in two sizes,… Read More »Agatha Tour and Giveaway! | Celtic Cast On

Tuscarora | Celtic Cast On

It was so amazingly awesome to have so many of you leave comments on my last post telling me you are all still reading! I guess the show must really go on for now I’m currently prepping for a biiig yard sale this weekend and I might have completely gutted T’s room on Monday… so it is safe to say my house is in shambles right now. I’ll fill you… Read More »Tuscarora | Celtic Cast On

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FO – Low Tide | Celtic Cast On

Hello out there! Is there anyone left? It’s been quite some time since I have used the blog but for some reason I feel compelled today to share. There has been knitting albeit not the amount that I am used to but that’s ok, things change and we all just have to adjust with it. We went on a short little trip lately and I took something completely monotonous to… Read More »FO – Low Tide | Celtic Cast On

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Learning something new! | Celtic Cast On

I have had a jar of sock yarn leftovers that I have wanted to make into some kind of a blanket for years now. Year after year it sits there being unused and unloved…. that is until last week. You see I recently watched a new to me podcast called Bakery Bears Podcast. If you haven’t watched this knitting podcast yet you should! The podcast is a husband/wife team, Dan… Read More »Learning something new! | Celtic Cast On

Design Along | Celtic Cast On

This is my knitterly friend Sarah aka PrairiePoppins She is currently in the top 5 of the design along challenge that the A Playful Day Podcast is hosting!!! If you listen to the APlayfulDay Podcast you will have heard about the Design Along challenge that is going on right now. If you don’t listen to A Playful Day “Where have you been??” Head on over there and have a listen. You can read… Read More »Design Along | Celtic Cast On