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An unexpected Welcome to Winter | Celtic Cast On


It all started on thursday when we decided to rent a post hole digger to drill some holes at the top of the driveway for some fencing. We had a skift of snow wednesday but we were good, the ground was’t frozen and we still had a while to get the fencing up before winter was really upon us.


This is the post hole digger and let me tell you its every bit as heavy as it looks, if not heavier. Pulling that thing up and down through the dirt…. or in our case ROCKS was no small feat. Dragging the frigger from hole to hole was also a treat!

After much tiresome work and the occasional angry outburst we succeeded in getting all the holes dug and still had time to get a load of sand before it got dark. Load was an understatement, we piled the truck soooo full of sand that we had to drive 40km all the way home because the front of the truck was raised so much and wobbling all over the place. I tried to tell him it was too much but you know what men are like…… nough said!

In order to relieve some of the pressure off the poor truck we unloaded about half of the sand into a pile leaving half on the truck to fill in the holes with. It was too dark to do anything with it that night so we left it…. for two days. At the end of day one the sand was completely frozen…. both the pile AND the sand on the back of the truck grrrrrrrrrrreat!!


 That was yesterday, this morning we woke up to a full blown winter storm…. could this get any better. Its been snowing since late last night and it is now 3 in the afternoon with no sign of it letting up. Big massive snowflakes falling down, piling on top of the foot thats already there.


Needless to say the holes we dug, are nowhere to be seen. At this point i’m just hoping for one sunny day so we can get that fencing up before we have to bunker down for winter. Fingers crossed all our hard work wasn’t for nothing.

Now how about we forget that its snowing madly outside and focus on some knitting k?


Pattern: Mystery Beret by Woolly Wormhead

Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers

Needles: 4.5mm

Start Date: November 7th 2008

Finish Date: November 13th 2008

This was an enjoyable knit! The cascade blocked out beautifully to show off the wonderful pattern. This beret is alot lighter than my gretel beret. I couldn’t believe how weightless it feels when its on.


Think this one is going to be tucked away as a pressie.