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2830 | Celtic Cast On




Start Date: July 6th 2008

Finish Date: July 23rd 2008

Pattern: 2830 by The Zephyr Girls

Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers Col. 9452 Lot 8553

Needles: U.S. circs size 8

As you can see this knit has been done for a while but I couldn’t find a nice enough day to take the pictures until now. I ended up knitting this as a medium and had no problems whatsoever with the pattern. A couple of things I would change if knitting it again though would be to move the button holes in one stitch closer to the body. I found that the placement of the buttonholes make the sweater look pulled at the button bands. Also the first and last button holes I would move closer to the top and bottom to make the bands sit nicer. 


Other than those small changes I loved knitting this pattern. The colour of cascade heathers I chose had me intrigued from the get go, i’m not usually a blue person but this colourway was screaming knit me so whats a girl to do!  I’ve had comments on it already and i’ve only worn it twice, everyone seems to love the sleeves, I agree, they are my favourite part! 


The versatility of wearing the neck up or down and the layering I’m going to be able to do with it also makes it fun.


Another great piece for fall and winter.

More pics can be seen here