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Making Winter 2013 – Playdough style | Celtic Cast On

I’m joining Claire today in Making Winter 2013 The idea being that we post once a week things that we are doing for fun to get through the winter. On the weekend we had a Nor Easter blow through. We didn’t end up with much snow because of the blizzard like conditions and lots of drifting. Since we couldn’t go outside to play in the snow, we set up in… Read More »Making Winter 2013 – Playdough style | Celtic Cast On

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No Snow Blues | Celtic Cast On

Winter has been anything but spectacular so far this year. We had a few dumpings of snow although nothing has really stuck for any length of time. Last week it was -37C  but during the middle of the week we had a huge wind and rain storm with temps going up to 10C…… Mother Nature just doesn’t know what it wants to do this year. The wind storm we had… Read More »No Snow Blues | Celtic Cast On

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Eastern Winter Shawl | Celtic Cast On

I don’t usually knit christmas gifts, in fact the whole gift giving has been scaled down to just the children in our family. We do however have two very special people that have been very good to our little family and I wanted to make them something special. I knew right away I wanted to make the first recipient a shawl. She is the shawl wearing type and she knits… Read More »Eastern Winter Shawl | Celtic Cast On

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Winter Woolies | Celtic Cast On

Pardon the unexpected blogging break but I changed  hosts making the blog  down for a bit. The lovely Missa at Knitblog hooked me up. I love my new template, that punch of colour is just what I needed. I think  I’m going to be much happier with this host. I may not have  been able to blog but I most definitely have been knitting! Pattern: Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur Yarn: Handspun from a… Read More »Winter Woolies | Celtic Cast On


An unexpected Welcome to Winter | Celtic Cast On

It all started on thursday when we decided to rent a post hole digger to drill some holes at the top of the driveway for some fencing. We had a skift of snow wednesday but we were good, the ground was’t frozen and we still had a while to get the fencing up before winter was really upon us. This is the post hole digger and let me tell you… Read More »An unexpected Welcome to Winter | Celtic Cast On