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Hierro | Celtic Cast On

 First off I need to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends! I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather that seems to have crept in on us all of a sudden. Time to pull out all the handknits! Speaking of handknits… you may remember my pattern Hierro from Pom Pom Quarterly’sAutumn 2013 Issue 6. The rights have reverted back to me and I’m excited to be able to… Read More »Hierro | Celtic Cast On

Knit East 2013 | Celtic Cast On

This past weekend I attended a maritime knitting convention called Knit East held at The Algonquin This is the second time the event has happened and the second time I have attended. This year had a fantastic line up of teachers: Bristol Ivy, Susan B Anderson, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Ann Budd, Deb Barnhill and Stephanie Pearl McPhee There were so many choices for classes that I had a really hard time… Read More »Knit East 2013 | Celtic Cast On

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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Knitting Vintage

Having two months of rain, fog and cold weather really makes you think about Autumn more and more. I’ve been dying to cast on for a cosy warm sweater for myself but seeing as that’s pretty much impossible at this present time I settled for a pair of cosy toe socks instead. I cast on for the  Gentlemen’s socks with Lozenge pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks, tailored for my little feet.  This… Read More »Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Knitting Vintage

Hierro | Celtic Cast On

I’m very excited to be a part of Pom Pom Quarterly’s 6th Issue Autumn 2013 Copyright Juju Vail My newest design Hierro, meaning Iron is inspired by the many wrought iron gates and fences found throughout the UK. Several times a day during my childhood I would pass by or be swinging off of Hierro of every kind.  Hierro is a perfect mesh of slipped stitches and bobbles creating an eye catching… Read More »Hierro | Celtic Cast On

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Poolside | Celtic Cast On

This summer I’m spending part of everyday poolside. Its the first year that T is in a swimming lesson that isn’t mom and tot so while she is working on her rocketships and front floats I have idle hands. It hasn’t really been great knitting weather. More like getting drenched when I wasn’t even the one in the pool but I was able to weave in ends on a test… Read More »Poolside | Celtic Cast On

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Splitstone | Celtic Cast On

Pattern:Splitstone by Alicia Plummer Yarn: Cascade 220 in colourway 9456 My Rav Project Page I finished my test knit for Alicia and I couldn’t be happier with this. I’ve been hoarding this colour of Cascade for something special. It’s such a beautiful blue with a bit of a purple undertone. I assumed it would eventually become something for T but when I saw Alicia’s vest I just knew it would have… Read More »Splitstone | Celtic Cast On

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Spirited | Celtic Cast On

I recently finished my test for Elena of a design called Spirited. It is the adult version of Playful Citrus that I knit for T in the summer. I started this back in August, it took a month to knit the body and then another month to get back to it and knit the sleeves…. short sleeves at that. I guess life got in the way of things as it… Read More »Spirited | Celtic Cast On

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Classic Raglan | Celtic Cast On

This sweater is the epitome of comfy! Pattern:Classic Raglan Sweater by Jane Richmond Yarn:Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in Nature’s Brown Mods: I did have to lengthen everything to fit my long torso but other than that the numbers worked out great for me. The Fisherman’s Wool was great to work with, I love a good, warm workhorse yarn and this one fit the bill perfectly.  The colourway, Nature’s Brown is… Read More »Classic Raglan | Celtic Cast On

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Knit East Part 2 | Celtic Cast On

Wow loosing your internet SUCKS! Getting your internet back and only having it work in your cold basement isn’t much better! I’m happy to say I’m currently on the couch as I type and NOT standing on the cold cement basement floor. Hopefully we are back up for good. So before I tell you about Thanksgiving weekend and the awesome weather we had I best wrap up Knit East. You… Read More »Knit East Part 2 | Celtic Cast On

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Busy Busy Busy | Celtic Cast On

Things are super busy right now. T is back into the swing of her Fall activities We have been running here there and everywhere. I’ve been wrapping up test knits Packing for Knit East this weekend Blocking a shawl for a swap at Knit East Preparing to leave my baby overnight for the first time Thinking about a mindless project to take with me Not to mention laundry, and general… Read More »Busy Busy Busy | Celtic Cast On