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Tweedy Aran Cardi

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Clam Digger | Celtic Cast On

Pattern:Clam Digger by Melissa Schaschwary Yarn:Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in colour 05 and 001 Mods: I did the same number of rows per stripe througout the whole cardigan. Just before Christmas I was cleaning out my WIP basket trying to get everything finished up when T happened upon her clam digger cardigan in progress. She asked me if I could finish it up because she loves it and its “beauty… Read More »Clam Digger | Celtic Cast On

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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Spring is in the air!!

And the knitting goes on. There are some big happening’s going on at the ridge right now but that will have to save for another post. I have Finished Knits and yummy yarn to show you!! The weather is slowly warming and some layers are being shed but these little ears get sore very quickly with the cool winds. It not cold enough for a hat most evenings when we… Read More »Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Spring is in the air!!

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Warming Up | Celtic Cast On

This year I decided that I would break out of my normal baking and cooking to try some new things that I love but have just never known how to make. Soup is something that I eat all year round but especially during winter, warms me right down to my toes. I’m a pretty picky eater and had never really found a recipe for soup that I like… that is… Read More »Warming Up | Celtic Cast On


Turkey Lurkey Weekend!! | Celtic Cast On

How did That happen???? I haven’t blogged since the concert??? Soooo much has been going on this month I just haven’t had a second, never mind trying to catch up on my bloglines. Molly and Boston are very much at home now with us. Molly has definatley developed into a dad’s girl while Boston is definately my boy. I’m quite surprised Molly took to Moose because her previous owner was… Read More »Turkey Lurkey Weekend!! | Celtic Cast On

Disappointment and Ecstatic Excitement!!! | Celtic Cast On

Holy crap WHERE DO I START?????? Well lets start with….. The Disappointment: The house we were all set to buy failed the water test miserably so we have decided to go no further with it. We now have on month to find a place to live The Estatic Excitement : Upon finding out that the house was a no go, Moose hopped back on MLS to see if there was anything… Read More »Disappointment and Ecstatic Excitement!!! | Celtic Cast On