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Calm before the storm | Celtic Cast On

Hurrican Kyle is heading this way and should hit my neck of the woods some time this evening. It is currently rated as a Category 1 hurricane but is expected to be reduced to a tropical storm by the time it hits. Right now it seems to be the calm before the storm, quite warm out, only a few sprinkles of rain so I thought I’d take the opportunity, while the weather… Read More »Calm before the storm | Celtic Cast On


Stacked | Celtic Cast On

So now that my comments are fixed “That was awesome” I have a quick little knit I’d like to show you. Pattern:Stacked Eyelet Cowl Yarn: Koigu KPPPM Needles: U.S. 3 Start Date: Sept 9th 2008 Finish Date: Sept 10th 2008 I started this cowl as something simple to knit that I could take with me and not have to worry about patterns and messing up or so I thought. I… Read More »Stacked | Celtic Cast On


Perfection:Knitting | Celtic Cast On

*Hoping comments are fixed now*  Sometimes a knit comes along that turns out exactly the way you hoped it would, perfection in your minds eye. This is one of those knits! Pattern: Alpine Shrug from Rowan 42 Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky Mustard Needles: U.S. 11 Started: Sept 7th 2008 Finished: Sept 11th 2008  This yarn had been in my mind now for several days wanting to be knit. It is… Read More »Perfection:Knitting | Celtic Cast On


Finished knit and a challenge | Celtic Cast On

  Pattern: Cashmere Neckwarmer by Kim K. Start Date: September 1st 2008 Finish Date: September 1st 2008 Yarn: Queensland Kathmandu Aran in Brown Needles: US 11 This was a quick little knit I polished off while watching my newest obsession 24. I’m nearing the end of the first season and can’t wait to get stuck into the next 6. Queensland Kathmandu is such a yummy yarn, I had two balls left… Read More »Finished knit and a challenge | Celtic Cast On


A pair! | Celtic Cast On

Neopolitan Socks Pattern: My own picot edge, 60 sts socks with Eye of Partridge Heel Yarn: Trekking 126 Needles: U.S. size 2 DPNS Start Date: June 26th 2008 Finish Date: July 6th 2008 These were soooo close to being twins it wasn’t funny but as you can see from the two they ended up being a few rows short of that. I’m not crazy about so munch white being at… Read More »A pair! | Celtic Cast On


2830 | Celtic Cast On

                                                                                                            2830 Start Date: July 6th 2008 Finish Date: July 23rd 2008 Pattern: 2830 by The Zephyr Girls Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers Col. 9452 Lot 8553 Needles: U.S. circs size 8 As you can see this knit has been done for a while but I couldn’t find a nice enough day to take the pictures until now. I ended up knitting this as a medium and had no problems… Read More »2830 | Celtic Cast On


H is for….. | Celtic Cast On

Well seeing as i’m really awful at keeping up with the ABC Along i’ve decided I’m playing by my own rules. We’re skipping G for now, if anything good pops up I can always backtrack but for now lets talk about H.                                                                       H is for Heidi                                   You’ve all heard me talking about my knitting friend Heidi before but I don’t think I really told you how talented this… Read More »H is for….. | Celtic Cast On


Cowboy Cobblestone | Celtic Cast On

                                                                                                  Cobblestone by Jared Flood Start Date: Feb 26th 2008 Finish Date: March 15th 2008 Yarn: Queensland Kathmandu Aran in Chocolate Needles: US 7 So I’m a little slack on getting my finished pics up. Heck never mind up I just took them yesterday Cobblestone was a joy to knit. Its the first sweater i’ve done in the round, first yoke, knitting on sleeves first construction of… Read More »Cowboy Cobblestone | Celtic Cast On

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Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Saturday Stripes

Its a lazy day here on The Ridge. The remnant’s of Hurrican Danny is descending upon us today bringing  a ton of rain. I figured I’d make use of this lovely rainy day and start a new project. This is Super Natural Stripes by Fawn Pea. I figured with my cotton ease colour choices this would suit a girl or boy and with sizing up to 4 years I can definitely see… Read More »Celtic Cast On » Blog Archive » Saturday Stripes


three by three | Celtic Cast On

I seem to be knitting everything in three’s as of late. By the third i’m definately ready for another project so its just as well i’m not knitting in four’s.                                                   These are the cutest little tissue socks I whipped up over my lunch break. Simple and small enough to mindlessly knit and finish within the day. I used left overs of sock yarn that I had laying around.… Read More »three by three | Celtic Cast On