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Destash | Celtic Cast On

I’ve been cleaning out my bookshelves and have a few knitting books that I won’t be needing anymore. These are all in brand new condition! I’m selling them all for $12 each  plus shipping. ETA: I have two more for sale Yarn Play by Lisa Shobhana $12 and Noro Revisited by Cornelia Hamilton $15 I knit Kolsva out of this one. If anything tickles your fancy let me know and… Read More »Destash | Celtic Cast On

May need a place to sleep | Celtic Cast On

I am waaaaay overdue for another post I know I know. Things lately have just been sooooo… I don’t even know the word to describe it. I’m flat out tired but I can’t sleep, I’m getting restless with my current knitting project but know I must continue and finish it asap even though I’m longing to finish one of my sweaters and knit socks! Our house is finally finished and… Read More »May need a place to sleep | Celtic Cast On

Feeling Discombobulated | Celtic Cast On

 Gah!!! When will the reno’s be done???? It seems like its never ending. The basement is now complete and we’ve moved to the upstairs. Tuesday morning was spent tearing apart the spare room, lugging all the furniture from our bedroom to the spare and then ripping up the floor in there. Have a look at what we found under the carpet in the spare room!!   Do you see all… Read More »Feeling Discombobulated | Celtic Cast On