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In the kitchen

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In the Kitchen: Breakfast – Paleo Biscuits and Jam | Celtic Cast On

My kitchen has been hopping! There are only 4 of these left from the batch I made a few days ago so I thought I’d better tell you about them before the only thing I have left to show are crumbs. Things are getting easier with my new lifestyle change and eating good food all the time is just another part of my day and it feels great! I have… Read More »In the Kitchen: Breakfast – Paleo Biscuits and Jam | Celtic Cast On

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In The Kitchen: Dinner and a Dessert | Celtic Cast On

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen as of late. Since changing my dietary needs I’ve had to be more aware of what’s on hand and what can be made for each meal that follow my guidelines. I’m loosely following Paleo but not putting as much emphasis on meat as paleo seems to do. I’m learning as I go and creating some yummy things with a few tweaks… Read More »In The Kitchen: Dinner and a Dessert | Celtic Cast On

Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffins | Celtic Cast On

Since last summer I’ve been having some health issues and suffering from GERD. It is not a fun disease and being in pain after eating anything is no fun at all. As a result of this I have had to really change what I’m eating and probably the biggest thing is trying going Gluten, Dairy and Wheat Free. I can see a big change with the dairy already although I… Read More »Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffins | Celtic Cast On

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Making Winter 2013 – Playdough style | Celtic Cast On

I’m joining Claire today in Making Winter 2013 The idea being that we post once a week things that we are doing for fun to get through the winter. On the weekend we had a Nor Easter blow through. We didn’t end up with much snow because of the blizzard like conditions and lots of drifting. Since we couldn’t go outside to play in the snow, we set up in… Read More »Making Winter 2013 – Playdough style | Celtic Cast On

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Dunluce Castle | Celtic Cast On

Well I promised you some posts on Ireland so lets start off with Dunluce. Dunluce Castle is located on the beautiful coast of County Antrim. This medieval castle was built in the 1300’s by the Earl of Ulster Richard de Burgh. The castle was given to the Northern Ireland Government in 1928 to be preserved as a national monument. It has been added to  over the years and only the… Read More »Dunluce Castle | Celtic Cast On

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Garden | Celtic Cast On

I have unsuccessfully tried to garden before…. mind you it wasn’t really a garden. We tried to plant pumpkins and corn *I think* in a pile of rocks…. really it was a terrible place to put a garden at our first house. Live and learn I guess. I decided this year was going to be the year, and I was going to do it RIGHT! First I decided where I… Read More »Garden | Celtic Cast On


New mouse in the house! | Celtic Cast On

So there’s a new mouse in the house…. we call him Mr. Indestructable and no he’s not in the wall. He’s stuffed! With catnip and he’s Socks NEW favourite toy! If you’ll remember he recieved Mr. Mouse from Thomas and Amy a while back but she chewed the eyes off him, making him blind Mr.Mouse. She still likes to chuck him about though, eyes or no eyes Taking into concideration… Read More »New mouse in the house! | Celtic Cast On