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Cabled Canuck | Celtic Cast On

It’s all Tanis’ fault! I needed to take a small break from all those twisted stitches on the Sailing Sweater and I had a couple hours drive that needed to be occupied with a simple knit. Tanis released a hat pattern called Cabled Canuck before christmas and its all I could think about. This drive was the perfect opportunity to whip it up AND satisfy my need for something a little… Read More »Cabled Canuck | Celtic Cast On


An unexpected Welcome to Winter | Celtic Cast On

It all started on thursday when we decided to rent a post hole digger to drill some holes at the top of the driveway for some fencing. We had a skift of snow wednesday but we were good, the ground was’t frozen and we still had a while to get the fencing up before winter was really upon us. This is the post hole digger and let me tell you… Read More »An unexpected Welcome to Winter | Celtic Cast On

Knitting Through The Loops | Celtic Cast On

It is time! Although I’m not done showing my finished knits I think its time to show some works in progress otherwise those will just turn into FO’s as well and the cycle will continue. I’ve cast on for a few things and lately i’m having to keep myself calm enough not to cast on for more, its knitters ADD and I caught it from Heidi!!! Everytime I talk to that… Read More »Knitting Through The Loops | Celtic Cast On


Happy New Year | Celtic Cast On

WOW!!!! First off let me say a huge THANK YOU!!! To all the Gretel love I have received. I’m glad i’m not alone in my love for her…. although I probably was the only one dancing around the house singing “oh what a beautiful hat!” *grins* Next let me welcome you all to the first post of 2008 here at Celtic Cast On. I’m excited to see what this year… Read More »Happy New Year | Celtic Cast On


Love for Gretel | Celtic Cast On

I told you I had another almost finished knit and I’m soooooo in love with it. Presenting………………                                                  GRETEL and a picture of the back…. This is Gretel by Ysolda You can buy the pattern here for a meer 2 pounds, its WELL worth it! Pattern: Gretel by Yosolda Needles: 3.25mm and 4.5mm circs and dpns Yarn: Cascade 220 colour 8010  1 skein Start Date : dec 14th 2007 Finish… Read More »Love for Gretel | Celtic Cast On