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Peppermint Pukes | Celtic Cast On

The last FO of 2011 that I have yet to blog about., my Peppermint Pukes. These socks were started in Cat Bordhi’s sock class that I took at KnitEast. It was Cat’s Discovery Sock class and we used her recipe to knit them. I was quite surprised to discover that knitting plain socks Cat’s way I only need 48 sts!  Yes my friends 48 sts! That leaves a lot of… Read More »Peppermint Pukes | Celtic Cast On

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Merry Christmas! | Celtic Cast On

Merry Christmas to you all from up on The Ridge! May you have a magical time filled with family and friends. Looks like we are going to have a White Christmas after all.

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Monster Mash | Celtic Cast On

Yes my friends it’s yet another monster! This pattern is for Louie The LoveBot which is another Rebecca Danger pattern and is available through Knit Picks independent designers program for $1.99!!! Now thats a deal! I’m using Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller’s Full o’ Sheep in Passionfruit and Aquamarine both from the stash. Although I love the colours , knitting  the yarn held doubled with this yarn was a bad… Read More »Monster Mash | Celtic Cast On

Vote Moose!!! | Celtic Cast On

Poor Moose doesn’t get much blog time, I think he’d rather T have his share, but right now Moose needs your help! He is competing for a last chance to get onto Wipeout Canada. Those of you in the States I’m sure have seen Wipeout before, in the U.K. I believe its Total Wipeout. The show is basically one giant obstacle course that you and 19 other people tackle. There… Read More »Vote Moose!!! | Celtic Cast On

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Winter Woolies | Celtic Cast On

Pardon the unexpected blogging break but I changed  hosts making the blog  down for a bit. The lovely Missa at Knitblog hooked me up. I love my new template, that punch of colour is just what I needed. I think  I’m going to be much happier with this host. I may not have  been able to blog but I most definitely have been knitting! Pattern: Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur Yarn: Handspun from a… Read More »Winter Woolies | Celtic Cast On

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Celtic Cast On » Harlot in Hali!

So Tuesday was the big day! Moose and I headed off to Halifax to see the Harlot. We stopped off in Moncton for some lunch on the way at our favourite restaurant. After we completely stuffed ourselves silly (ohhh for some more pudding chomeur)  it was off for another 3 hour drive with lots of knitting. I knit most of the way till Moose got sleepy and we traded. Here’s what… Read More »Celtic Cast On » Harlot in Hali!

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Celtic Cast On »

Halleluiah we have HIGH SPEED! I thought I was never going to get to blog again. We are finally getting settled in our new house.Sockies is having a grand ole time out here,she’s always wanting to go outside and now has a massive cement slab to roll about on, I think she forgot how nice the summer time is, and its sooo quiet out here that she’s not scared by… Read More »Celtic Cast On »


Warming up | Celtic Cast On

I’m glad to say it “SEEMS” to be warming up here. It was 7 degrees celsius today WHOOPEY!!!! It actually seemed like it MIGHT have been a spring day. Hopefully it will melt all that snow and that will be it for the year…….. wishful thinking me thinks! Yesterday I showed you all the gift Sock got from Laura but that wasn’t the only thing in the package. You see… Read More »Warming up | Celtic Cast On