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Central Park Hoodie

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Construction Update | Celtic Cast On

Our first week of Construction went well, we accomplished a lot! We dug up the driveway and put in a french drain so the water will no longer pour straight towards the house. The water situation was what started the whole construction bender. Our front porch was rotting away as the water washed out the under side. We dug  two more trenches to place sonotubes in for the new deck… Read More »Construction Update | Celtic Cast On

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On to the needles | Celtic Cast On

There has been a lot of finishing going on around here and that has left me with absolutely nothing on the needles. I kind of had a little freak out session because I had no idea what to cast on. Things were going to be arriving in the mail that I was going to be casting on with but until then I needed something mindless and small….. so I cast… Read More »On to the needles | Celtic Cast On

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French Braid | Celtic Cast On

While I was waiting for Elia to dry and and avoiding all those projects that I was having bother with I picked up my French Braid Cardigan and FINISHED IT! I think I can hear Tanis yelling at the screen, FINALLY!! Pattern: French Braid Cardigan Yarn: Ella Rae Classics My Rav Project page I only cast on for this the day it was released. Then I became buried under a pile of test knits and I didn’t want to… Read More »French Braid | Celtic Cast On

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Elia | Celtic Cast On

Here she is, and I’m smitten! Pattern:Elia by Julia Trice Yarn:Colour Adventures Bella Worsted in Sour Cherry My Rav Project Page Holy Heck I don’t think the combo for this sweater could be more perfect. Cables, shawl collar, stunning colour! The yarn was a gift from my lovely friend Elena of Colour Adventures. This was my first time knitting a garment with a hand dyed yarn. I’m always a bit nervous using hand… Read More »Elia | Celtic Cast On

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Knitting woes and a come back! | Celtic Cast On

Things don’t seem to be going right for me knit wise this week. Monday I realized I was using the wrong weight of yarn on a project….. Today I realized that I made a mistake at the beginning of a shawl I started now that I’m halfway in….. I was feeling rather frustrated about my wasted knitting time until I pulled out my blocking board to pin out this beauty!… Read More »Knitting woes and a come back! | Celtic Cast On

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Demolition | Celtic Cast On

Things have been a tad busy up on the Ridge. For the last week and a half I’ve been busy doing something  I really enjoy…… Ripping and Tearing! We’ve started phase one of renovations on our house. It will probably take all summer to complete working at it when we can. I’m very excited and can’t wait to see the end result but its going to be slow going as… Read More »Demolition | Celtic Cast On