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No Snow Blues | Celtic Cast On

Winter has been anything but spectacular so far this year. We had a few dumpings of snow although nothing has really stuck for any length of time. Last week it was -37C  but during the middle of the week we had a huge wind and rain storm with temps going up to 10C…… Mother Nature just doesn’t know what it wants to do this year. The wind storm we had… Read More »No Snow Blues | Celtic Cast On

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Downton Girl | Celtic Cast On

I was thrilled to be able to test Downton Girl by Melissa Schaschwary I love cloche style hats but I was never sure if I could actually pull this off. Even while knitting it I emailed Melissa to ask if it was ok for T to model it because I didn’t think I could pull it off. T decided she didn’t want to wear it even though the whole time I was… Read More »Downton Girl | Celtic Cast On

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Tiny Dancer | Celtic Cast On

Growing up dance was my passion, I took class twice a week and attended many festivals and competitions. From the moment I woke up my feet were tapping and I danced anywhere and everywhere. I spent many hours in our living room practicing routines or making up my own to music. Of course when T arrived and was a girl it was my hope that I might have passed on… Read More »Tiny Dancer | Celtic Cast On