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Catch Up | Celtic Cast On

Sorry its been so quiet around here. We are knee deep in renovations….. spur of the moment renovations at that. For a long time we’ve been talking about splitting our bedroom, which is the length of the house into two. We definitely don’t use the extra space and it could be put to better use as a spare room. So yesterday we got started! Of course the only way to reno on… Read More »Catch Up | Celtic Cast On

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Surefire | Celtic Cast On

I better get this one in before we’re into 2013. The other gift I knit this year was Surefire Hat by Susan B Anderson. This was for a friend that is finding it rather chilly when walking her dog *a shepherd I must add* ( totally off topic T can pick a shepherd out anywhere and I often hear “Mummy did you see that shepherd, that was a shepherd mummy!”… Read More »Surefire | Celtic Cast On