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Citrus | Celtic Cast On

This is another sweet test knit for Elena of Anadiomena Designs Knit with more of that yummy pink Malabrigo lace this cardigan is like a soft fluffy cloud. Rav project page A delicate open cardigan that gently falls to the side pairs beautifully with her favourite sun dress. There is always the option to pin it closed at the side with a small brooch if desired as well. As always Elena adds… Read More »Citrus | Celtic Cast On

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Bowland | Celtic Cast On

I couldn’t be more excited to test knit a first design for Amanda of Joli House You all know Lily, Amanda’s daughter and how much I love her designs so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Amanda’s first design is nothing less than amazing!  Bowland features a beautifully delicate lace panel up the middle off set by garter stitch and purl rows. I used Malabrigo Lace for my version, it made the shawl a bit smaller than… Read More »Bowland | Celtic Cast On

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Easter Recap | Celtic Cast On

Well… Boss had a good Easter! He was pretty pumped when we woke up to snow on Easter Sunday. It snowed all day and we ended up with over a foot of snow! Moose wasn’t exactly enthralled to have to plough the yard so our parents could get in. T was hard at work last week making some Easter nests for our guests. We used Chow Mien Noodles Melted Chocolate… Read More »Easter Recap | Celtic Cast On