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Baby Bell Bottoms

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Owl Mitts | Celtic Cast On

For the past few days I’ve been thinking about my winter accessories. I’m usually a matchy matchy person and like everything to co-ordinate so when I was getting ready to take the dogs for a walk the other day I realized my accessories needed some work. Donning my sikkim, yellow and brown newfie mitts *that I adore*, casually cowl and large cowichan style cardi I most likely resembled multi coloured yarn barf walking down… Read More »Owl Mitts | Celtic Cast On

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Ohhh Baby! | Celtic Cast On

  Two days ago my brother became a Daddy! Making me an aunt and introducing the first grandbaby to the family.     She was one week overdue and weighted a hefty 8 pounds 5oz! This little one and Tadpole are going to be closer in age than we though I have lots of finished knits to show you that still need to be photographed, so until I get some pictures… Read More »Ohhh Baby! | Celtic Cast On

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JUMP! | Celtic Cast On

                            I’m officially 31 weeks, and with only 9 left to go we’re getting pretty excited! Its hitting home that by the end of next month I’ll have my own little person to look after and care for. Totally pumped and a little nervous of the changes that will happen, I know everything will be fine and after that first week it will be like we’ve never been without Tadpole but… Read More »JUMP! | Celtic Cast On

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Growing growing…. | Celtic Cast On

Thought it was time for a little update on Tadpole, I seem to be growing growing…. We are 24weeks and 4 days now, hard to believe little Tadpole will be with us in a few short months. Moose and I went away for a little overnighter, probably the only one we’ll have for some time. I’ve never actually left the dogs overnight since we got them almost 2 years ago… Read More »Growing growing…. | Celtic Cast On

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Temptation | Celtic Cast On

Even though I have 2 sweaters, one tunic and a sock to finish I feel myself being pulled towards the stash in search of something bright and fun to knit. I’ve been wanting to knit the Baby Surprise Jacket forever but hadn’t realized that the pattern was not only in the book  The Opinionated Knitter  by Elizabeth Zimmerman but that it was also for sale as a single pattern at Webs… Read More »Temptation | Celtic Cast On