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Busy bee’s | Celtic Cast On

I swear every time I write I post I pledge to post more often but this past little while has just been crazy. About 2 inches of ribbing has been knit, thats it two measley inches. On a good note though all the house reno’s are now COMPLETE!!!  *dances around to ole ole theme* Complete, complete, complete ,complete! Our agent was here today and we’ve signed the contract, the house… Read More »Busy bee’s | Celtic Cast On

Withdrawal symptoms! | Celtic Cast On

It was a rough ole weekend!! My computer died, not just an “oh I need to be repaired death”, nope an all out CAPUT I’M DEAD DEATH!!! Well ya know that all my pictures are still on the hard drive that no longer works! Luckly while getting a new computer Moose was able to find out that we can get our pics off with some gizmo of sorts. He’s gonna take to work… Read More »Withdrawal symptoms! | Celtic Cast On