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ABC along


H is for….. | Celtic Cast On

Well seeing as i’m really awful at keeping up with the ABC Along i’ve decided I’m playing by my own rules. We’re skipping G for now, if anything good pops up I can always backtrack but for now lets talk about H.                                                                       H is for Heidi                                   You’ve all heard me talking about my knitting friend Heidi before but I don’t think I really told you how talented this… Read More »H is for….. | Celtic Cast On


C is for…….. | Celtic Cast On

In an effort to catch up on the ABC along here is my C post.                                                       C is for asting on obblestone!                                               Finally I have a few knits out of the way so I could ast on for this sweater. I’ve only had the yarn for a little over a month…… every day it would stare at me, BEG me to ast on. I’d tell it well, maybe tomorrow… Read More »C is for…….. | Celtic Cast On