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2014 Finished Knits

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FO: Antipodes and a giveaway | Celtic Cast On

The weekend seems to have turned into giveaway time! I don’t mind a bit and I’m sure you won’t either 😉 I recently finished a test knit for Libby of Truly Myrtle. I told myself I wasn’t going to test much anymore and when Libby asked me I said that I didn’t really have the time to test right now. She sent me back a picture of said test in… Read More »FO: Antipodes and a giveaway | Celtic Cast On

What the Heart Wants – Lete’s Knit Giveaway | Celtic Cast On

It’s the weekend and I’m ready to celebrate with another giveaway! Are you in? The lovely Justyna from Lete’s Knits recently released a beautiful collection called What the Heart Wants part of the Malabrigo Freelance Project I have watched Justyna grow so much as a designer in such a short period of time. I can still remember her first hat and cowl pattern that caught my eye and led me… Read More »What the Heart Wants – Lete’s Knit Giveaway | Celtic Cast On

This week’s snacking | Celtic Cast On

Since starting back to work in a nut free environment it has become extremely hard for me to take the foods I live on to work everyday. I’ve had to get creative and am continually searching for things to snack on. I usually make either a few batches of something at a time or make several different things one right after the other so I have some kind of variety… Read More »This week’s snacking | Celtic Cast On

Hierro | Celtic Cast On

 First off I need to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends! I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather that seems to have crept in on us all of a sudden. Time to pull out all the handknits! Speaking of handknits… you may remember my pattern Hierro from Pom Pom Quarterly’sAutumn 2013 Issue 6. The rights have reverted back to me and I’m excited to be able to… Read More »Hierro | Celtic Cast On

Fyberspates Cumulus Giveaway | Celtic Cast On

I am delighted to be able to guest post on the Fyberspates Blog this week. I’m chatting about Colour choices and Fyberspates Cumulus yarn. Cumulus is a lace weight yarn that is comprised of 74% Alpaca and 26% Silk. Think soft,warm and fluffy clouds. Colourways bottom to top: Bottle green, Pillar box, Magenta, Plum, Ruby Red, Slate, Rust Photograph: © Fyberspates, used with permission. Cumulus is available in 12 gorgeous colours… Read More »Fyberspates Cumulus Giveaway | Celtic Cast On

Crushin’ | Celtic Cast On

I’ve talked about my designer crushes before, you know those designers that just design ALL the things that you want to knit. Well I have developed a new crush this season. © Jared Flood / Brooklyn Tweed Dianna Walla is the designer behind the Sundottir sweater from Wool People 6 *probably my favourite edition so far* that I just HAVE to knit right now! It seems to be a popular pattern at… Read More »Crushin’ | Celtic Cast On

Wardrobe Overhaul | Celtic Cast On

It’s that time of year again when knitters start to dream of cosy sweaters and what they will knit this season to keep them toasty this winter. While packing up my closet I’ve been pondering what I want to knit and thinking long and hard about my current handknits. I have three favourites that I wear all the time,  Cattails by Melissa Schaschwary – This is a great three season… Read More »Wardrobe Overhaul | Celtic Cast On

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Lady Sunnyside | Celtic Cast On

What better to way to forget about the stresses of moving for a while? A test knit of course! *Note: Planning an outfit for said photoshoot kind of slipped my mind when I packed 99.9% of my clothes in boxes…… Also packing the iron that I NEVER use was not in my best interest because of course I ended up needing it…* Needless to say I think I did well… Read More »Lady Sunnyside | Celtic Cast On

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Organic Cones | Celtic Cast On

So I’m tackling boxes like a champ and getting through things but as you work your mind wanders….that is if you aren’t being asked to read a book, watch a bike show or chase someone. My thoughts are wandering to my most recent FO. Pattern:Indigo Cones by Aileen Ryder Yarn: Sublime Yarns Organic Cotton DK Mods: I added one extra chart repeat on the body and I didn’t turn up… Read More »Organic Cones | Celtic Cast On