Classic Raglan

This sweater is the epitome of comfy!

Pattern: Classic Raglan Sweater by Jane Richmond

Yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in Nature’s Brown

Mods: I did have to lengthen everything to fit my long torso but other than that the numbers worked out great for me.

The Fisherman’s Wool was great to work with, I love a good, warm workhorse yarn and this one fit the bill perfectly.  The colourway, Nature’s Brown is such a beautiful  heathery shade that makes it stand out from other solid shades.

My only wish is that they had more of a colour choice. There are only so many garments you can make out of the same 3-4 colours that fisherman’s wool comes in before it gets a bit boring.  I do however have plans for another one using a coloured yarn from my stash, maybe a third too!

It’s -14 out today so the photo shoot didn’t last long….

Throw the jacket off, run to the right spot, click click click and reverse the process.

If the weather says this cold I think I”ll be living in this sweater for the next few months and I’m not a bit bothered by that!

40 thoughts on “Classic Raglan

  1. I’ve never used Fisherman’s Wool though I’ve petted it at the big box store (usually JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s)…I keep debating whether I want to buy it or not. Someday, I probably will.

  2. Comfy, great fit and beautiful – it just doesn’t get much better, Kelly.
    We just came out of a cold spell and everything is now slushy and it rains!

  3. My goodness, how do you knit so fast? I love it, such a great looking sweater. But then again, you always make everything look great :) You’re such a beauty, I love seeing you model your knits. Makes me wanna cast on for a raglan! And I still haven’t done my sleeves!
    I cast on for the Drifty hat instead, nearly finished it and I love it.

  4. Fisherman’s Wool is really easy to dye. If you want to play around with it, it’s simple and fun. Don’t think you have to only use the palest colour, either. Some of the best things I’ve thrown in a dye pot are tweeds or marls or greys.

    Use KoolAid or acid dyes.

    Love the sweater, by the way. There’s just something *right* about a classic, simple sweater.

  5. It looks absolutely incredible on you! What a perfect fit! I love, love, love it!!! And with this cold weather it is absolutely the perfect way to insulate your body underneath your winter coat, I’ve been wearing mine everyday since the cold snap arrived :)

  6. that is a fabulous sweater – great fit too. it looks very comfy – and what a simple knit with great effect. good colour for you too :)

  7. I love a simple raglan. Yours looks nice. Very classic.

    I’ve always wanted to try out LB’s Fisherman’s wool. It looks like it has great stitch definition.

  8. Wow.. I have only seen the fisherman’s wool where I live in a natural/cream shade. I really like the brown. And it is nice to see it works up very nicely. The sweater turned out beautifully.

  9. Love the photos, and thanks for sticking it out long enough to get them. This sweater turned out great. Fits you perfectly, and it looks very cozy.

  10. Beautiful as always 😉 I would be so proud to have such beautiful sweaters as yours! I’ll be working on that! You’re my inspiration!

  11. Awesome! Looks really warm and comfy.
    But is it me or do the photos look like they were stretched? I know you have along torso but in some of these photos, it’s more pronounced.

    Anyway, I hope you are keeping warm!

  12. You knit beautifully and the sweater looks very cozy! I have a sweater knit from Fisherman’s wool. I wish it had a bit more strength to it. I don’t think that is the word I want. But my sweater had tons of cables and patterns in it and it would look better I think not so fluffy. does that make sense?

  13. That sweater is perfect! And the photos are beautiful too! I took pictures of some mittens I had just finished when it was -22 last week and the tips of the fingers on my left hand still hurt from having my gloves off while I did it. I can sympathize with the pain of winter photo shoots!

  14. I love Jane’s designs and her patterns work beautifully. I’m anxious to cast on her other raglan sweater design and seeing yours has been completely inspired.

  15. Classic Raglan is the perfect name for this pattern. There is not a thing wrong with this sweater, it’s perfection!

  16. You could always dye the natural cream yarn they make! I love this yarn, too, and this sweater looks fabulous! Nice job!

  17. Every time I see that Lion’s Brand Fisherman’s Wool in the store I am drawn to it and wish I knew something to knit with it. Now I do….I’m off to check out this sweater pattern, pronto!

  18. okay, I think I’m sold – this may be the sweater I’ve been looking for. You look fabulous. And i can tell from your face how cold it is! The things you do for us readers!

  19. Lovely sweater, but seriously? -14? You really are brave to be hatless and gloveless out there! I don’t think I have what it takes for your climate.

  20. I really should have paid more attention to your long torso modifications. I cast off the body yesterday, tried it on and discovered I’d knit a cropped sweater.

    I ripped it back and am going to add 4″ to the overall length. This may throw off the waist shaping, but there’s no way I’m wearing a sweater that hits above my belt. :)

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