Wardrobe Overhaul

It’s that time of year again when knitters start to dream of cosy sweaters and what they will knit this season to keep them toasty this winter.

While packing up my closet I’ve been pondering what I want to knit and thinking long and hard about my current handknits. I have three favourites that I wear all the time,

 Cattails by Melissa Schaschwary – This is a great three season cardi for me. Worn in Summer, Spring and Early Fall this light weight number is a perfect throw on. The ease on this one is great and the silky wool makes it soo incredibly light it hardly feels like you are wearing a cardi.

Aidez by Cirilia Rose – I wear this constantly! A day doesn’t go by when I don’t throw this on, Summer,Spring, Autumn, and Winter. It could be when I’m heading out, over pajamas at the house, over a dress on a summer evening on the Ridge, this cardigan just works in every way possible for me. The addition of pockets was a must for me and they are getting lots of use as well. I have been contemplating what I will use for a second Aidez because clearly there MUST be another. I used Cascade Eco to knit my current one. It is holding up very well although it is showing some pilling. I haven’t de pilled or anything but I’m thinking that if I had sweater stone or something to that effect this sweater would look good as new.

French Braid by Tanis Lavallee – This cardigan is a perfect Deep Fall and Winter cardigan for me. Knit in Aran weight it is great layered with a t or a long sleeved shirt in the winter. This has been another throw on when I’m freezing or heading out into the cold. I love the openness and ease although I do wish I had used a more neutral or calmer colour. It’s definitely a different colour for me but wearable regardless.

Did you notice a theme??

The three garments that I wear all the time are:

  • Cardigans
  • Have positive ease (They are all a 34)
  • Are open at the front

So clearly I prefer cardigan’s and a certain style of cardigan. That’s not to say that I don’t love any other style of sweater or cardigan its just this type seems to be my go to.

With all this in mind I am on a mission!

To overhaul my wardrobe,figure out what styles I will really get wear out of and frog, reknit or add newly knit sweaters to the clan.

With my digestive issues it has become clear to me that I can no longer wear anything restrictive or tailor fitting in any way. There will definitely be lots of frogging and reusing happening and most of that will be because of the lack of ease in a lot of my past knits.

I’m excited to shake things up a bit, repurpose knits that are just taking up room and add things that really work for me right now. I hope to give you some reviews on yarns I have used and share why patterns may or may not have worked for me.

I must tell you that the new house has a walk in closet….. a huge walk in closet, *note: Moose and I have shared a small closet since we’ve been married so this takes sweater knitting to a new level*  I’m sure Moose is thrilled…. In all honesty though I’m a wear a handful of things until they are dead type of girl so I doubt my closet will be burst at the seams.

With that being said I’ve started my first sweater in Operation Wardrobe Overhaul!

 This is the Hitch Pullover by Vanessa Ewing from Interweave Knits Fall 2014

It will be my first sweater in my new wardrobe and hopefully I can get this one right. I love shawl collars and with a little extra length I think it could be perfect. I’m knitting a 36 which is a first for me but also the smallest size in the pattern. I’m hoping this will be an ok amount of ease and not drown me… time will tell.

The yarn I am using is a stash repurpose, Valley Yarns Northampton in Merlot Heather. I started to knit Outlaw with this yarn and just had the hood left to go but clearly this fitted sweater isn’t going to work for me anymore even though I love it.

This sweater is working up quickly on 5mm needles especially when you are a passenger in the Old Ford. *more on that soon*

I’m looking forward to a cosy Autumn in this one!

Are you planning your Autumn knits too? I’d love to hear what you are thinking of knitting!

13 thoughts on “Wardrobe Overhaul

  1. We like the same things in a sweater, which I guess explains why your blog is at least partially responsible for the length of my queue. I have a finished Cattails sitting in a lump waiting to be blocked (or not) and I’m actively looking for yarn for French Braid but haven’t found the right thing yet. Hmmmm…..I bet I have a few sweaters I could frog. I’ll have to look. Your plan is a good one. The Hitch Pullover is lovely.

  2. I need a closet overhaul- big time! My husband and I share the smallest of closets. The kind with double poles, so your dresses can’t hang straight. Anyway, a lot of what I own is either too big or too small but my weight has fluctuated so much (due to my own health issues) that I’ve been afraid to let go of anything I may later need.
    I quit shopping for new things,unless it was a necessity, a few years ago, but I still need to weed thru this stuff and chunk what I never wear. You are inspiring me to re-evaluate my knitwear too.

  3. way to go, embarking on a wardrobe overhaul! That’s really smart to look at your favourite knits and focusing on knitting more of those, and reusing the yarns from other knits that just aren’t getting worn. SO smart! I look forward to seeing your progress on this.

  4. I have to say I’m on the same page as you – I’ve been noticing myself beginning to prefer slightly less fitted knits as well. And what a coincidence, I’m knitting a shawl-collared cardigan at the moment! Shawl-collars are my latest love too. I’m planning my cardigan to have a luscious and big shawl collar. Can’t wait to see your finished Hitch pullover!

  5. Okay, time for the old farm-girl teacher to wade into the comments! 😉 (since I can add a couple of your ages to get mine! Lol) I have been thinking about my sweater collection lately- not just the ones I’ve made, but also the cabinet full of favorites from teaching years and the many from our boys when they were little fellows: you know the ones- circa 1990 Northern Reflections wool- Intarsia as you never see today. (there may be some from the late ’80’s, too!) I love them all as if they were a huge litter of kittens- each one is special! They are such a part of memories that I’ll never part with them. Besides, they don’t make them with lambs, and apples, and ohb that Holstein cow cotton cardi! Son girls, be careful as you sort and weed your collections- once they’re gone…. :-). happy knitting, all!

  6. I keep having thoughts of cozy grandpa cardigans – with hoods!. I had an old cream-coloured acrylic one that I got from Walmart a few years back but it has mysteriously disappeared… I guess I’m going to have to knit one.

  7. Cardigans cardigans, you know that’s where my creative-mind is at, and fashion-mind too! I’ve almost got the back done on my Girlie Grandpa, I’m doing a 34, I hope it’s big enough too….there’s “boyfriend jeans”, I want a bunch of “boyfriend cardigans”!

  8. Love this whole overhaul idea. I think that many of us are feeling the closet overhaul urge. I know I am. Um, and I am so pumped that you love your French Braid cardigan!!!

  9. YAY for doing a wardrobe overhaul!! I was going over my queue and thinking about what I wanted to knit for this fall/winter and realized that what I wanted to knit was vastly different from what I would actually wear. Why put so much time and effort into something that you won’t wear?

    I love seeing all the cardigans that you’ve knit up, and I can’t wait to see what others you’ll being knitting and wearing!! :)

  10. Love the new addition to your wardrobe! I think it will look great on you. I think the overall trend now is to wear knitwear with more ease anyway. I, for one am glad, because there’s something really annoying about wearing fitted clothes (beyond the fact that they can be constricting), they tend to ride up on me and I’m always pulling down on them, feeling self-conscious.

    Wish I was knitting for me this fall, but I’ve got 2 samples keeping me busy (I am my own worst enemy…)

  11. I washed my Aidez and sniff, sniff, accidentally threw it in the dryer! I had to donate it to Goodwill and I’m sure some little child will love this warm, woolly sweater, yeah I said “little” child! I will definitely be knitting a second Aidez and a Lady Sunnyside this fall.

  12. I think I need a closet overhaul too! I love your post Kelly … inspiring and a big kick in the butt to rethink my knitting :)

  13. Found you via Ravelry. Am curious if “with a little extra length” is referring to the sweater itself or the shawl collar? I’m wanting a bigger collar…

    Beautiful knitting here!

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