And breathe…..

Coming up for air… where has the last month or two gone??

They are clearing trees * read butchering forest, my snowshoe trail and this little Moosey’s home* across the road from us. Yesterday this poor discombobulated Moose was peering over our fence trying to figure out how to get in. I’m sure the poor lad didn’t know what was going on and was just trying to find safety. It was with a sad heart that I watched him climb back up the hill and into the trees. I hope he was smart enough to figure out that he could get to our clearing in just a few more feet to the right and then he would be safe.

I cut the grass for the first time this season on Sunday ,clearly it has been a few weeks since I wrote this post, in my winter coat and hat…… What the deuce??? It has been a coooold Spring, everyone still has the heating on and there is a frost warning. Not cool! I’m so glad that summer is slowly arriving and hopefully things warm up.

Things have been super busy around here, hopefully I can fill you all in on that shortly but until then I have some new projects on the go.

I’ve been doing a lot of purging around the house and and getting rid of things. I had previously purged the stash of things I would never use but there seemed to be a mountain  of leftovers accumulating that needs to be dealt with. My thought is the quickest and easiest way for me to use up these leftovers is definitely to knit a blanket but that lead to a whole other bunny trail of which blanket and do I have colours that go and so on and so forth.

Romi swooped in and saved the day when she offered a coupon for one free pattern. Her Carson Throw jumped out at me and I immediately wanted to cast on.

I grabbed some co ordinating colours and cast on. It is coming along nicely and I’ve just started using a second colour. I can’t wait to add more colours to the mix and see it progress.

More stash diving is on the go because Rachel Coopey is doing a MKAL *mystery kal* for Unwind Brighton.  Solid or semi solid yarn is what Rachel has suggested for these socks so I’m knitting mine with Wandering Cat Yarns BFL in English Toffee.

This is my progress after completing the second clue. The third and final clue was released a week ago and I’m still trying to find the time to get caught up…. soon!

Before I could even start my MKAL socks I need to clean off my sock needles. They were  housing my half finished 2nd Patina sock. Poor Patina’s they got left by the way side while I was involved in a huge project but now its time to finish them up. I’m really enjoyed this Tanis pattern and even though it has been slow going, when I do have the time to knit on them it just makes them last all that much longer. Look for an FO picture soon!

So those are the stash projects I’m working on right now and I’m holding myself back from casting on more…. I need to get something off the needles first me thinks.

What are you working on? Do you have a queue the length of your arm that you need to cast on RIGHT NOW??

Talk to me, I’ve really missed chatting with you all.

15 thoughts on “And breathe…..

  1. My first reply is “hurrah! You’re all okay and I don’t need to phone the RCMP to do a search for you dear folk!” :-) but you have had me wondering here on The Hill- 25 April was a tad back! Glad all’s well, the needles warmed-up for more fab knitting, and you have posies a’bloom! Hello to your wee one and sweetie! Happy as a lark you’re back with us on the blog!

  2. Hurrah! You’re back! I’m glad things are well – I was starting to think something was up :) that poor moose – breaks my heart. That blanket is looking gorgeous – good use of some gorgeous stash yarn it looks like. I am currently working my way through my spinning stash and getting ready for Tour De Fleece 2014 :)

  3. Hello again! Good to have you back “on the air”, as it were. Your Patina socks seem to be moving about like the pair I’m working on for my dad; lost in the flurry of otner projects & other issues. I can certainly relate to the need to stash bust.

  4. It’s been a slow start to summer here too – and they say it’s going to be a fairly cool one.

    The socks look great so far- I love her designs.

  5. So good to be hearing from you again! Hopefully things lighten up for you now that it is Summer, so you can kick back and enjoy the warmer months (I hope. Its been a grey summer here as well. With snow last week. Snow. In June!) The new projects look very promising indeed!

  6. Glad to see you back and hope the moose did find safety. Lovely knitting there, I particularly like the socks.
    I’m currently working on a beaded lace cowl from some fine handspun and a pair of socks for my husband. There are of course other things on the needles, but I’m not working on them actively at the moment. It’s cold over here and my hands get slow when that happens (been a lot of backspacing just in this wee paragraph!)

  7. Happy to hear from you! I feel the same about the projects. My boys are going to Denton, NC, for the Old Time Threshers Reunion and I have been crocheting washcloths for them to take and sell. My MIL goes yearly and teaches sewing classes. They are in the craft barn and can sell handmade items. I crochet my brains out making cloths and they sell them and keep the money. I am SO ready to start like 20 different projects and finish a handful that I have going in the back ground. My stash is calling my name!

  8. Yay, you’re back!!! That is going to be one super gorgeous throw, what a great way to stash bust. Lovely socks too! Hope the home/stash purging goes smooth, looks like your summer’s going to be super busy.

  9. Glad to hear from you on the blog! I hate seeing wildlife loosing its space, though! Is someone building over there or are they logging? It looks awful!
    Anyways, I’m glad all is good with you and can’t wait to hear what is going on!

  10. Whew… so glad to hear from you! I was afraid you had gone the way of so many bloggers and disappeared to twitter or instagram. I love seeing and reading about your knitting projects, and hearing about life where you are… different from my southern US life, although we also had a very cool spring, for us.

  11. It’s wonderful to read you again! The socks are so beautiful! That’s a great pattern! And I’ve added the blanket pattern to my favorites…it would be a great stash buster!
    I’m currently spending most of my knitting time on my Fairwater cardigan. Most of it is knitted with lace weight yarn so it is slow going. But I would like to wear it this summer! So I’m almost exclusively knitting on this one.
    I’m enjoying spinning and weaving as well this summer.
    Take care

  12. Hey, just saw this post, your pics don’t have snow in them anymore:)) Hope you have a pleasant summer. Here its just been hot hot hot! The monsoon’s delayed, desperately waiting for the rains now.

  13. Oh I love your projects, especially your socks! Glad to read a post, missed you but sometimes breaks are needed ☺️

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