In The Kitchen: Dinner and a Dessert

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen as of late.

Since changing my dietary needs I’ve had to be more aware of what’s on hand and what can be made for each meal that follow my guidelines.

I’m loosely following Paleo but not putting as much emphasis on meat as paleo seems to do. I’m learning as I go and creating some yummy things with a few tweaks as need.

A success from last week was Paleo Shepherd’s Pie.

I used the same ingredients in the meat portion that I normally do but instead of white potatoes on top I added Sweet Potato and a hint of cinnamon.

Talk about delicious and not much different that what we normally have. It was a hit and will definitely be a new go to.

The thing that I have the most problem not being able to have right now is being off gluten and wheat.

Bread, cereals I crave them!

So when I finally found a no grain bread recipe that was delicious I of course had to share.

This is actually a recipe for banana blackberry muffins but since I didn’t have an blackberries on hand I substituted walnuts and dairy and soy free mini chocolate chips and made it into a mini loaf.

Holy Smokes this one is GOOD!

Tasted better than the Banana Bread we usually buy at the store. Bonus!

We are hoping there will be some of this left for Moose when he gets home….. it is a mini loaf after all and mighty tasty!!

I’d love to hear about any delicious recipes you absolutely love.

6 thoughts on “In The Kitchen: Dinner and a Dessert

  1. Wow…I had not heard of this diet before…sounds challanging 😉

    Here’s to spring just around the corner xo

  2. Oh, your post woke my stomach! The shepherd’s pie looks amazing. I have to try that out sometime soon. And that loaf… Mmm! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I’ve had this post up for days, been meaning to read it, and finally went through my tabs to close some down! Both recipes look delish, I’m for sure gonna try the banana bread! I’ve got an oatmeal banana recipe I need to pass onto you that I discovered, you mix it all up in the food processor so it’s SUPER easy!

  4. Your Paleo style banana bread looks super good as does the shepherd’s pie. I never thought of using sweet potato in that recipe. I do hope Moose was able to get some left before it got eaten! I need to lose weight and this winter has not helped. Hope to see you soon! Take care, Pat.

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