Happy 2014!

Happy New Year to you all.

We survived yet another dumping of snow, receiving 12 more inches and thankfully no more power outages. We are now settling into a deep freeze with temps with the wind chill at -39 C. Brrrr!!!

Pretty soon T will be walking level with the roof of her play house!

During December I worked hard to finish most of my WIPs. I succeed in finishing all but one! All I need to do is get some pictures so you can expect some FO’s coming shortly.

T had the chance to try out her new snow shoes on a family trek.

She did well and made it all the way around the loop with only a little bit of whining…

Since I was good and finished off my old projects I allowed myself to cast on a new project. While my winter boots are still in good condition on the outside, the insides are getting rather worn down and cold on the tootsies. I am going to try out some felt insoles to see if that helps but I also want some thicker socks.

I forgot just how quickly worsted socks work up!

The pattern is Rye by TinCanKnits and I’m using some Patons Classic Wool that I have had in my stash for a long time. The colourway is Bright Red.

My Rav project page

Rye is a free pattern and would be excellent for a first time sock knitter.

I cast on New Years Eve and cast off the first one New Years Day. I’m hoping to have the pair finished in the next day or two. I can just feel those toasty toes!

 Have you started a new project for a new year yet?

7 thoughts on “Happy 2014!

  1. Wow, that is seriously cold and white! The sock looks great, maybe this will be the year that I knit one. I’m trying to choose a pattern for a scarf at the moment. How wonderful Ravelry is! Wishing you and yours a very happy 2014.

  2. Nice red socks! I’ve started (and almost finished) a new lace shawl – next up is red socks… we are doing a KAL for my new pattern release – join us if you’d like, the pattern is free and there is a man and women’s verison

  3. Happy New Year! Yes winter sure has been hard so far, and it only just started! I’m just about to finish my pair of felted clogs for around the house, with the double felted sole, it’s like walking on a cloud! Still haven’t finished Jon’s Christmas socks, I ran out of time. About felted soles, what I’ve done is taken reject felted bags and cut out soles for my boots. Works GREAT!! So if you just knit a plain old big “tube” and stitched up the bottom for stability during felting, you could probably get at least 2 pairs of inserts. :)

  4. Those snowshoes look really interesting… Is it difficult to walk in them? (I guess you will have to walk with legs further apart?) Love those red socks! Such a bright red! Its strange that Canada have so much snow… Here in Finland there was hardly any, with temperatures around 0C. Last night it finally snowed a little but it might melt away again.

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