Sock Ninja!

I feel like a sock knitting ninja lately. I’m churning socks out one after the other and there is no stopping me!

Pattern: My own

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici Aquarium

I grabbed this colourway to start a mindless pair of socks on the way to the aquarium with T and some family. The fashion show from Knit East was held at the Huntsman’s Aquarium and while Heidi and I opted to get a good meal in instead of attend the reception before the fashion show, we didn’t really get to see much of it while we were there. I knew my little marine lover would enjoy a trip back there and when Grammy suggested it we went on a little road trip.

It wasn’t until I pulled out the ball of yarn on the way that I realized the colourway was actually called Aquarium. Once again Felici’s stripes sucked me in and these worked up quite quickly. No SSS here!

I was already planning my next pair of socks before these ones were finished. It didn’t take long for me to grab the next ball and cast on right away.

┬áMore Knit Picks Felici in Building Blocks this time, a colour that is being discontinued. The pattern is Groovy Socks by Caroline Hegwer. The pattern is free and is basically a 2 row repeat that is easily memorized but creates a beautiful pattern. I’m knitting these top down with a heel flap, a bit opposite to how the pattern is written but its working out beautifully!

Are you knitting any fun socks or patterns at the minute?

15 thoughts on “Sock Ninja!

  1. I’m hoping to be a Sock Ninja between now and Christmas. I just started the Groovy Socks as well and hope to start a few more from my queue soon. Pass on some Mojo, please!

  2. Love that lacy pattern. Only a 2 row repeat? I’m sold. Looks so fancy to be so easy. Obviously, great colourway on those aquarium socks. Blue, turquoise, green? Yes please.

  3. I have two pairs of socks on needles right now and I’m thinking about starting another project. My socks just take me forever for some reason. ::sigh:: I love handknit socks, though…

  4. How funny! I just got some of the Building Blocks to knit a pair of Groovy Socks for me, after the holiday knitting is done. The other for me in that package is Loch Ness and Sassquatch to stripe in a pair of socks – or maybe colorwork.

  5. I’m knitting “ugly” socks right now. I’ve had the yarn about 6 years now, and my daughter wanted them. They are black/white, with red heels and toes. My son always shakes his head, and asks when I’ll be done with the ugly socks when he walks by, but I think they are fun socks. :)

  6. No, I’m not knitting socks, but you’re making me want to drop my sweater and cast on a pair. I have some felici too. I think I’ll queue up that pattern for after Christmas.

  7. Love the socks! I have a couple of pairs of self-patterning vanilla socks on the go. A bag of four new skeins arrived in today’s mail (for some reason my brain worries about running out of sock yarn in case of a zombie acopolypse even though I have bins of the stuff already) and I’m going to have a tough time not starting those before the others are finished.

  8. You’re definitely a Ninja knitting all these lovely socks! I love the green pair, I bet those stripes are so addicting! I’m knitting Elena’s pattern, Saffron, right now. Kid-sized sweaters are so much fun!

  9. Not much of a sock knitter but those stripes are fancy! The only non-design knitting are some colourwork projects, incidentally by the same designer, knittedbliss!

  10. Love them both!! Can’t wait to get my Christmas knitting done so I can get back to my own socks! Added Groovy Socks to my queue. :)

  11. hi Kelly, i’m working on knit pics felici self striping as well…on my 3rd pair, and I have the same discontinued colorway waiting to be knitted up. I love the groovy socks!! Also, I’ve started knitting the red shawl you recently finished…very I cast on immediately with some delish tosh dk, i’m loving the construction, very fun knit. hope you are keeping warm up there!

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