This is the shawl I knit for my Knit East Shawl Swap partner.

Pattern: Marin by Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Colour Adventures Dia Twist DK in Sour Cherry

I must admit when I first saw this pattern among my swap partners favourites list I didn’t really pay much attention to it. I started off knitting a French Cancan in a different yarn but didn’t like the pairing. I decided to mull it over for a while and kept coming back to one picture of Marin that really showed off the shape.

It wasn’t until I cast on and started knitting Marin that I really became intrigued. Knit side to side the construction is fun to knit and completely reversible.

I decided on Colour Adventures Dia Twisted DK  in the Sour Cherry colourway. My swap partner was a red lover and as I’ve said before Sour Cherry in my opinion is THE perfect red. I couldn’t go wrong.

It was hard to part with this shawl in the end. The sour cherry and those scallops really won me over. I think the shawl was well received and looked fantastic with her dark curly hair but I told her I’d gladly take it back if she didn’t love it.

 I can’t get enough on those scallops and would love to knit this one up again in a worsted weight yarn for a bigger shawl.

10 thoughts on “Marin

  1. I’ve got this pattern of Ysolda’s bookmarked since it was released and just because of the cabled edging! Your version in Sour Cherry is just gorgeous! A worsted weight rendition of this would be so amazing.

  2. I loved it completely the moment I saw it! Thank you so much for the thought and care you put into it. I am one lucky swap partner! :)

  3. I’m having a bloggy catchup and although I’d seen your lovely posts I haven’t left a message for ages. Good think I had another good look – I’d forgotten about this pattern – it’s been in my queue for ages and I wonder if I’ve even gone as far as to buy it already? … whatever, yours is beautiful – your lucky swap partner :)

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