Finger Mouse

I recently tested this sweet finger puppet kit by Victoria of Little Black Duck.

You may remember this crown and wand I won on Victoria’s blog last year.

Like everything Victoria does, this kit is impeccable. Everything is included to make your mouse *even the needle!* the only thing you will need is a pair of scissors to cut the felt.

I was a little hesitant to begin the cutting because as anyone knows felt and cutting can be a pain in the neck but Victoria includes some very helpful tips and a little bit of magic to ensure you get a perfect cut every time.

Once I started my mouse I just couldn’t stop until he was finished. I found the sewing very relaxing and I loved watching my little mouse take shape.

Not too shabby for my first attempt.

The real test of course was the kid approval…..


We named him Finger Mouse, anyone remember this show?

  This Finger Mouse talks!

 There are many other kits and patterns available in The Little Black Duck shop including this adorable set called Woodland Friends. Is that Hedgie not adorable??

 Each puppet is available as just a pattern, a singular kit, a group of patterns or the entire group kit!

Wouldn’t these kits be a great gift for a child just learning to sew? A mom to be? Grandma or Nanny to make for the grandkids? Preschool teachers? The possibilities are endless.

I think I would be much better at sewing if these had been around when I was little.

I must admit it is all I can do to keep my finger away from the purchase them all button!

 You can find Little Black Duck on EtsyCraftsyFacebook and of course the Blog.

If you like what you see you may want to head on over to Victoria’s blog, there’s talk of a free pattern…. just sayin.


4 thoughts on “Finger Mouse

  1. Those are adorable and I’m sewing stupid. I cannot sew to save my life. I’m lucky I can attach a button without too much trouble. I get *how* it’s supposed to go/look but when I go to do it, my fingers don’t agree. And let’s not even talk about sewing machines…we’re not friends.

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