Waiting socks

Yarn: Zwerger Garn Opal 4-ply

Needles: U.S. 1’s / 2.25 dpn’s

I needed something mindless to knit on while I waited in the car mostly. I wanted to knit some simple socks but try a new stitch count. My current plain hand knit sock always seem perfect when they are first off the needles but then stretch out after a couple of wears and are always falling off my heels.

I cast on 56 sts for this pair as an experiment in hopes of finding the perfect fitting plain sock for my feet. I knit these top down with a heel flap,the best recipe to fit my foot. Upon bind off I found that they were quite tight on my foot but knew that they might stretch a bit with wear.

I gave them a good soak before letting them dry on my sock blockers while we built the deck. *More on that deck soon* I have worn them a few times but its getting hotter here and the chance to wear hand knit socks is hopefully few and far between until Fall….I hope.

So far my findings are that maybe 58 sts would be best???  Right now the 56sts are wearable but a bit on the tight side.

I do have a pair of rainbow socks that I knit toe up with a heel flap and those are the best fitting plain socks I have. Only problem is I didn’t write down what I did when I knit them….

I guess there will be another experimental pair in my future… that or I could just stick to patterned socks?

What amount of sts gives a best fitting sock for your foot?

11 thoughts on “Waiting socks

  1. I have fat legs so I need a significantly larger stitch count. If the socks are ribbed, I can handle 64 sts but if it’s stockinette or something without a lot of stretch, I need 72. I’m working on a sock design that will have either 60, 70, or 80 sts. I’m currently working on the 70 sts size (because I want it to fit me, of course). Eventually I’ll make the 60 and 80 sts sizes. Maybe.

  2. I like my socks a bit tight….but get that with 64 sts on US1.5s. I think patterned socks tend to have more give…

  3. Lovely socks :) What about changing the needle size instead of the stitch number? I do 64 stitches but with size 0/ 2.0mm needles which seems to work ok for my feet. To my knowledge I don’t have particularly wide or narrow feet but I’ve not knitted socks for anyone else either lol

  4. You don’t have to use the same stitch count for leg and foot. You can start with 58 for the leg, if you need it, and decrease to 56 with the gusset. I make socks with 56 sts for my daughter, but I use 64 or 68 for mine, and decrease to 60 sts for the foot for mine. I wear my plain socks the most. I haven’t worn socks in a while here, it’s getting hot come Saturday. It’s nice here today, sunny but not to hot.

  5. I found that playing with needle size made a difference for me. I now use 2.25mm with 64 sts. My Burning stripes socks fit the best! Cat’s sweet tomato heel is my favorite for my foot.

  6. The fit looks spot on according to the first picture. I like my socks snug too, maybe a couple more wearings and washings will loosen them a tad bit.

  7. I think 64 works good for me but I might not be a good reference since my knitted socks do not get that much wearing (because I don’t want them to not be new anymore!)

  8. I prefer socks to be a little snug and to loosen up throughout wearing rather than get all loose-ish. 56 stitches sounds so teeny to me! You must have slim calves :)

  9. Just a hello and are you okay? :-). Haven’t seen a post since 19/june– you and Moose aren’t lost in a big hardware store looking for renovation supplies, are you???! The old school teacher’s just worried! :-). Did you celebrate Canada Day?

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