Construction Update

Our first week of Construction went well, we accomplished a lot!

We dug up the driveway

and put in a french drain so the water will no longer pour straight towards the house. The water situation was what started the whole construction bender. Our front porch was rotting away as the water washed out the under side.

We dug  two more trenches to place sonotubes in for the new deck and porch.

Once those were filled back in we were able to get the concrete poured and set.

We had a very good fore*woman* keeping an eye on things for us.

Thankfully we got most of the digging done before T came home because once she got in that digger she didn’t want to get out.

She spent hours in there with daddy playing around in the dirt.

Next step: Hang the joices so we could frame some walls for the porch and small addition.

It’s coming along nicely but we still have a long way to go,

for my little house on The Ridge.

8 thoughts on “Construction Update

  1. Things are looking great! And you guys are doing all the work yourselves? You’re so clever. Your house is so sweet! I love seeing pictures of where people live.

  2. Your addition is coming along quickly and your home is lovely. I love those shots of your daughter with doll on her dad’s lap. Makes me think of the time we dug a better drainage ditch around some property and it rained and the kids played in the mud all day. At the end of the day our daughter proclaimed it the best day ever.

  3. Wow, you are leaving no stones unturned! (sorry, pun got in my head and insist to be used) In anycase, looks like T is living the dream! The biggest non-public vehicle I’ve tried operating is a pickup truck. Love the update, though. It is nice and interesting to know. :)

  4. We moved into Chez Whoreshoes almost four years ago….about a year sooner than we had planned because our giant house in the country found a buyer. I thought I could live in a construction zone.
    I was wrong.
    However, we are now at the pointy point where drapes and duvets are in progress. I’m currently looking for a blue ticking for one guest suite and then will whack up the pile of worn out, bleached out, too small and too big jeans to make a wrong side to duvet cover. The raw seam side will be the right side and, I hope, durable.
    If you want to see the progress on Chez Whoreshoes, take a look at my blog. We live in an old building right downtown in our little town. In 1890, downstairs was the Palace Saloon and upstairs, where we live was the whore house.

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